The 4 Keys to Unlocking Your Value – Part 4 – Persistence

What is persistence? What makes one man withstand nearly insurmountable odds and prevail while another man shrinks from the challenge…

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The 4 Keys to Unlocking Your Value: Part 3 – Courage

Courage. Sheila stood up in front of a room full of strangers to deliver a message that resonated with everyone…

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Person on mountain at sunset, Piz Palu, St Moritz, Canton Graubunden, Switzerland

The 4 Keys to Unlocking Your Value: Part 2 – Purpose

Purpose. The word conjures up a picture of a valiantly defiant general forging up the hill into a field of…

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The 4 Keys to Unlocking Your Value: Part 1 – Clarity

Clarity. Purpose. Courage. Persistence. These concepts sound all ‘lofty and aspirational’, yet can be manageable and solvable when we break them…

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Think And not Or

It is easy to define your life by limits. I don’t have enough time. I am too old. I don’t…

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Yeti: A man-sized brand

Yeti: A man-sized beast with an appetite for adventure, danger and the raw frontier. Yeti: A brand targeting rugged men…

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Target: Reinvention Needed on Aisle 5

Is it just me, or has Target gone on autopilot? Where’s the reinvention, renewal, appetite for change, risk-taking? Sadly, the…

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Want to be a leader? Try goalkeeper

The game is tied. Only a few minutes remain. The Red Bulls have dominated the pace of play, but have…

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Change is Knocking. How will you answer?

I’ve become numb to change. Over my life, I’ve endured so much change that it’s now the norm not the…

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Vendors: It’s Never About You

Today, I write angry. And sometimes, writing angry is good (in moderation) for the soul. I am tired of all…

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Go Finish Something Before you Start the Next

Stop starting. Start finishing. It’s easy to crack an egg on the griddle, but how about making a deliciously world-class…

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Today, You Get Disciplined

Through routine, we find discipline. Through discipline, we find conviction. Through conviction, we find courage. Through courage, we trust ourselves.…

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Future You

Dear Future You

Why didn’t you take more chances? Why didn’t you say what needed to be said? Why didn’t you spend more…

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cyber security

That’s Thought Leadership

Steve!” the irritatingly persuasive boss shouted. “Yes, sir. How can I help you?” Steve responded. “We need to learn about…

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rising sun

Write with the Rising Sun

Like an untamed lion, he roars onto the page, salacious and savage, ready to claw at any prey. Like a…

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Master of the Morning

I awoke stunned by the silence of the morning — an egg uncracked; a package unopened; a band poised to…

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My Daily Retrospective

At the end of your day, what’s flowing through your mind? Are you reflecting on all the wonderful things you’ve…

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Writing Will Never Be About Perfection

This writing won’t be perfect, but that’s not the point. Like a river that flows, unceasing and fluid, this pen shall…

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conference, connection, community

The Right Way to Disengage at a Conference

I attended a conference recently. Honestly, I love conferences. The great ones have a pulse, an energy that’s contagious and…

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writer's mountain

The Writer’s Mountain

Before the world gets crazy and long-winded, I write. Before my attitude gets sour and grey, I write. Before someone…

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