Slow Down

Since when did life get so busy? Or are we creating the unnecessary busy? We race here, run there, sometimes…

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Are you empowering your team to do their best?

The Pitfalls of Trying to Prove You’re Right.

Let’s say you are leading an important project, the type of project that can help your career and dramatically help…

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Two Questions That Bring Focus, Purpose to Every Meeting

Before any meeting begins, you should consider 2 important questions: Why are we here? The people at your meeting should really…

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Sweat: Our Nation’s Most Elusive National Resource

If you know me, you know I am passionate about fitness. If I am not throwing around kettle bells or…

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brand you

When you leave the room, your brand follows you.

We’ve entered a new world. As much as you might not like to admit it, you ARE a brand. What…

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Don’t Minimize the Importance of First Impressions

First impressions are everything. Let me repeat that: first impressions are EVERYTHING. I’ve visited a number of companies over my…

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The 2 Activities That Should Sit at the Top of Every B2B Marketer’s To Do List

It isn’t easy being a B2B marketer. From the outside, it might appear as if you’ve a wealth of tactics…

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Closeup of assorted coins.

4 Traits of Great Product Marketers: Create Content that Adds Value

During the 1st and 2nd parts of this blog series, we spoke of the importance of mastering your market and…

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4 Traits of Great Product Marketers: Learn from Other Industries

Go deep, Product Marketers. Be the person that’s called upon to speak about your industry’s past, present, and future with…

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lone tree

4 Traits of Great Product Marketers: Know Your Market

The average product marketers know their product inside and out. The great product marketers know their product AND their market…

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Top Golf: Defining the Golf ‘Experience’

I’ve been to a number of driving ranges. They are good places to fine-tune a few weaknesses, let out some…

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Moms Rejoice: Tylenol Nails the In Store Advertising Experience

When a Mom is empty, tired and spent after a full day of running to work, activities, dinner prep, laundry,…

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@McDonalds: Get Back to Smaller, Intimate Moments

When I was younger, Saturday mornings held a certain level of excitement, especially when Chicago’s winter winds retreated in favor…

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Writing: It’s the Best Medicine

Writing helps me rewind. Writing unclogs the parts of my life that are stuck or in need of a clearing…

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If You Aren’t Selling the Why, You Might as Well Not Even Try

You’ve options in today’s world – it doesn’t matter if you are in the market for an oil change, high-end…

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Use Social Media to Help, Not Just To Promote

Social media has lost its way. It’s moved too close to ‘look at me, look at me’ and frighteningly far…

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When Your Job’s On the Line, Do you Fight or Flee?

If you’ve been working for ~10 years, you’ve probably been part of a workforce reduction or downsizing. These episodes are…

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Start Today at Becoming the Master of your Craft

“I’ll never get better, so why should I start? Michael Jordan may have once entertained this thought before picking up…

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Product Managers: Get Used To Good Enough

I’ve been a Product Manager (by role or by title) off and on for the last 20 years. In all…

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Technology Companies: Don’t Neglect the Senior Market

It’s true that Amazon, Apple, and Google have introduced products over the past 5 years that are simple, intuitive, elegant,…

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