Senior Community Marketing Manager, VersionOne

Mohammed KhalidMohammed Khalid —Sr. Technical Solutions Engineer

I can go on and on about Dan but I’ll try to limit it to a few sentences. I’ve worked with Dan for over 3 years now and can say that he brings a lot to the organization. He excels in his in-depth knowledge on both Product and Community Marketing. On a professional level he is always upbeat, positive, charismatic, collaborative, and ready to retrospect on our work always. On a personal level Dan is someone that becomes a long term friend very easily. You will know what I mean if you ever get the privilege of meeting him. I’ve traveled to quite a few conferences with Dan and can vouch for how great he is in the Marketing realm. I’ve seen first hand how he can quickly raise attention to our booth and just strike up the most positive and valuable conversations with anyone in attendance. Dan is truly a gem in the Marketing world.

August 1, 2014, Mohammed worked with Dan at VersionOne

Sophia GarciaSophia Garcia — Solutions Consultant at ServiceNow – The Enterprise IT Cloud Company

I worked closely with Dan to get the VersionOne presence in the west coast as we began to expand regionally. Dan’s passion for VersionOne and Agile really shined true in planning these events as he makes an makes an effort to understand the landscape, make contacts and be such a huge presence. He and I worked several marking events and conferences together and I am amazed at how Dan navigates the scene, talking to other vendors and establishing a repoire in the room and just letting people know we are HERE. Dan is an asset to any organization who wants to establish and foster a community of like minded people

Senior Product Marketing Manager, VersionOne

David Walker - We're Hiring!David Walker – We’re Hiring! — Sales & Marketing Exec

Dan is a machine. Point him at a challenge and he’ll whittle it away to nothing in no time. Endlessly curious, he’s constantly striving to improve both himself and those around him. His insight and passion for what he does are an inspiration to those around him. I’ve been lucky to work with Dan twice now – although he’s recently taken on a more senior role within VersionOne…a testament to his drive and desire to win. Great for the company – and a sizeable pair of shoes to fill on our team. Congratulations, Dan!

Product Marketing Manager, Micro Focus

Peter MollinsPeter Mollins — Vice President of Marketing at KnowledgeTree Inc.

Dan is an exceptionally skilled marketer. He studies markets, he sees opportunities where others see noise, and he distills and writes intelligently on the topic. I thoroughly enjoy the insights he provides on his blog. At Micro Focus he took a non-existent reference program and turned it into gold. Huge numbers of new case studies and a thriving list of referenceable customers. A major win for the company was delivered by Dan.

Product Manager, Consumer, Builder Homesite, Inc.

Brian Kordansky

Dan Naden played a central role to multiple, successful product role-outs at Builder Homesite. However, this short-changes the importance of this individual.

In most work environments there is one individual that is quite simply the key player in making ‘things’ happen. At BHI this individual was Dan. Maybe more important is that Dan was always willing to help on projects that did not directly involve his group. Often times getting to the finish line required his assistance given his online marketing and web-op expertise. A great mind and a great guy period.


Jason WoosleyJason Woosley —Product Development Executive

Dan is an outstanding manager who brought stability and direction to the New Home Source product. Through his recognition of the risks associated with stagnant market leaders, Dan was able to invigorate the product team and drive the introduction of strategic features to expand NHS market leadership. Dan is a visionary product manager with the expert marketing and customer relationship skills necessary to realize financial and market share goals. He has a commanding understanding of consumer dynamics and brings a wealth of leadership experience to the organization. I recommend Dan for his performance, his integrity, and his dedication to success.

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