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5 ways to put your yellow pages to good use

A strange present arrived on our doorstep a recent afternoon.

It was bathed in yellow cellophane; as if the world’s most precious cargo was trapped inside.

Yellow pages once held top shelf positioning in most households. Now, they're an afterthought.

I opened it and immediately thought: “How can I easily discard this monstrous waste of space and resources?” This is hardly a ringing endorsement for its contents.

Yellow pages used to be a central research starting point in our household. Now, they are considered clutter. How does this medium survive? I guess merchants are still buying advertisements in these large books? I have to imagine that Yellow Pages sales representatives are throwing in the print advertising when someone buys a Web ad, or at least they are offering at a serious discount.

So what to do if you don’t want to trash your thick and hearty yellow pages book?

Here are five ways to put your Yellow Pages to good use:

  1. Firewood
  2. Reading practice. (for the children, of course)
  3. Computer Monitor Stand
  4. Crude Frisbee
  5. Dog Chew Toy

Besides these can’t miss repurposes of the Yellow Pages, I did find some value from the Yellow pages: a few pages of coupons in the back of the directory.

Looking up something in the Yellow pages seems so isolated, empty.

  • No reviews are alongside the merchants.
  • No easy way to branch out into other communities (most Yellow pages target a small geographical area).
  • No simple way to figure out how to get from here to there (driving directions).

That’s all for now; time to go; sun’s nearly down. It’s getting cold; time to throw L-Z on the fire.

Final note: I can’t slight the importance of the yellow pages as an informational resource for the senior market. Many in the over 65+ crowd aren’t on board with new technologies and dutifully use this medium every day. The yellow pages’ days are numbered, yet the big books still have a loyal following for a small segment of the market.

Until next time,

Dan Naden

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