I wouldn’t do your job for all the money in the world.

On a typical day, you’ll encounter a wide variety of people, performing many different roles. Susan, the perky red-haired Starbucks…
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The secret to a more tranquil airport

Juan Alvarado please report to the check-in desk. Attention: For your safety, please keep your bags next to you at…
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How to make airports more efficient

You stare at your watch. Why didn’t I leave earlier? This car can’t go fast enough. You make a quick…
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@Southwest Air: Customer Can Do Attitude is THE rule

The orders come in like rain as the flight attendant pushes the bulky cart up the cramped aisle: I’ll take…
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Taking a survey at 30,000 feet with Delta Airlines

30,000 feet above the ground. The air is thin. Sinuses are congested. Time sometimes drags. I’ve read a book, written…
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A missed opportunity for airports

Is there an opportunity to create a ‘real-time/face-to-face’ network within airports? Connecting with associates and friends over LinkedIn or Facebook…
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Pull up a chair and talk with your customer

Peel back the vulnerabilities of a person and you discover his true self. If you keep your eyes and mind…
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A suggestion for American Airlines.

I recently traveled on a spacious (who are we kidding?), make that NOT so spacious American Airlines jet for a…
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