10 Ways to Improve Amazon.com’s Experience

Amazon.com has become part of our everyday. Amazingly, when you think of buying anything, you think of Amazon. Sorry Target,…
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The big question: How’s business going?

I make it a point to pose the following question to an unsuspecting waiter, hostess, cook, or ‘owner-looking’ person: How’s…
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@HEB: Punching a PIN becomes punitive

I find POS (Point of Sale) fascinating. It’s the moment of truth. The shopper has purposefully, or sometimes mindlessly, selected…
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Randall’s brings reason to a 3-ring grocery shopping circus

Have you seen this before? The scene is your local grocer. Mom or Dad scrambles for the groceries while their…
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3 ways that convenience stores can get better

The convenience store industry is BIG business. From its first iteration in Dallas, Texas in 1927, the average convenience store…
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