How to Get Ahead with a Little Encouragement

As the college-age swimmers pushed and glided effortlessly across the pool, the crowd watched in awe at the incredible athletic…
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That’s not my department.

Responsibility; ownership; accountability; these themes sound weighty, and they are; being responsible, accountable, with an ‘owner’s mindset’ is tough to…
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2 simple tips to make your trade shows magnificent

Over the past 12+ months, I’ve had the fun, enriching opportunity to represent VersionOne at a variety of conferences and…
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What 3 behaviors repel visitors from your conference booth?

I recently attended a conference and noticed a few behaviors that I don’t think are conducive to maximizing one’s investment…
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Make them remember the key points, not the pizazz

You sit down in your seat, awaiting the presenter to start his magic. You’ve been in this position enough before…
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Play a game of Hide and Go Seek with your customers

Ready or not here I come. The moment this phrase is written or heard, you know its context: Hide and…
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Audience 101: Talk with us, not at us

Shortly after the calendar flipped from 2010 to 2011, our family attended our neighborhood’s church for an uplifting Sunday morning…
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What are you doing to surprise your customers?

We are rarely surprised anymore. In our youth, we leapt for joy when opening that surprise sky blue bicycle for…
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Golf and Leadership

The sun had just risen. The deer pranced across the dewy grass. A few lonely ducks squawked on a nearby…
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