Dan Naden

@McDonalds: Get Back to Smaller, Intimate Moments

When I was younger, Saturday mornings held a certain level of excitement, especially when Chicago’s winter winds retreated in favor…
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You scream, I scream..we’d like to scream for Baskin Robbins, but…

I have many pleasant memories that center around ice cream. My brother and I feverishly collecting those miniature baseball helmets…
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Yellow: Moving beyond sunshine

Living in Texas is a bright yellow proposition. Over 300 days out of the year, the sun is shining radiantly…
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Cracker Barrel’s Good Marketing Moment #2

After some sleuthing, I found out that not only is Cracker Barrel selling and promoting music in-store, but they also have an online store that offers music from some country newest (Rodney Atkins) and most classic (Alan Jackson and George Jones) artists. Interestingly enough, many of these titles were created just for Cracker Barrel’s distribution. Nice.
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3 ways that convenience stores can get better

The convenience store industry is BIG business. From its first iteration in Dallas, Texas in 1927, the average convenience store…
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Panera Bread: Escape from Grease Burgers

The family and I recently had a pleasant experience at Panera Bread. Easily forgotten compared to Burger King, McDonald’s, Subway,…
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Chick-Fil-A: Not your typical fast food experience

My family and I visited the local Chick-Fil-A last weekend. I thought the visit was to be your routine, expected…
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