Are you ready for the biggest presentation of your life?

The crowd gathers in the conference hall; the buzz about your presentation is so alive you can feel electricity in…
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How NOT to introduce someone to your team

A manager hires a new worker and can’t wait to get her started. He gets her settled in her new…
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What can you learn by listening at Starbucks?

You can learn plenty by eavesdropping at Starbucks. I am not conspicuously listening, yet I’ll ‘hear things’ as I read…
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Going Off the Cliff with No Slides

I recently attended my company’s Summit 2007 at the Austin Convention Center. My employer Builder Homesite designs technology solutions for…
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Are you moving your target audience?

I recently read a great p0st from Doug Stevenson: Doug’s newsletter, blog, and Web site and great resources for anyone…
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