Dan Naden

That’s not my department.

Responsibility; ownership; accountability; these themes sound weighty, and they are; being responsible, accountable, with an ‘owner’s mindset’ is tough to…
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How NOT to follow up with your trade show leads

I’ve been to enough conference/events/trade shows over the past few years to see all the tactics that vendors use to…
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eBook: How Do Brands Win Business

Friends, Product marketers, business owners, customer service reps, product managers, marketers: It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to publish…
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Coffee Bean: Customer Focused every day

I have high expectations for new businesses. I have an expectation when entering a new store that I’ll be treated…
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The big question: How’s business going?

I make it a point to pose the following question to an unsuspecting waiter, hostess, cook, or ‘owner-looking’ person: How’s…
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Blackberry’s customer service misfortunes

With my flight hours away, and my departure gate in sight, I decided to move off the main pathway of…
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@ Best Buy, it’s the stuff that brings them in….

Since when have we become so ‘accessorized’? Recently, I visited a Best Buy and expected to find wall after wall…
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A manual or no manual; that is the question

My parents jumped into this techie world with both feet. They purchased a slick, responsive Droid phone. I had a…
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What my gas receipt will NEVER tell me

I get inspired at gas pumps. Yes, I’ll admit it; it’s a bit ‘different’. During one gas pump brainstorm, I conceived of a better way to get consumers to pay off credit card debt. It’s not something that the credit card companies will sign up for tomorrow, but it’s a lesson we should all know.
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I had a tense time yesterday with the fax machine

I don’t like fax machines. In fact, I feel awkward interacting with these sometimes bulky behemoths; the fax machine at…
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