Seven Ways to Reenergize a Disengaged Team

Do you work with a disengaged, detached team? I hope not. If so, don’t just sit there and sulk; do…
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The Pitfalls of Trying to Prove You’re Right.

Let’s say you are leading an important project, the type of project that can help your career and dramatically help…
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5 ways to stay engaged at work

The alarm clock beeps and it’s time for another day at work. Stumbling out of bed, you shake sleep from…
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Status meetings: Value-add or productivity drain?

A group of co-workers stare down a deadline. How will the project get done? This project has huge expectations. If…
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What can you learn by listening at Starbucks?

You can learn plenty by eavesdropping at Starbucks. I am not conspicuously listening, yet I’ll ‘hear things’ as I read…
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