Expedia Excels at Capturing Customer Sentiment

You’ve just completed an online transaction. No sweat. You’ve been a digital maven for years. Maybe it was for a…
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Yeti: A man-sized brand

Yeti: A man-sized beast with an appetite for adventure, danger and the raw frontier. Yeti: A brand targeting rugged men…
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Coffee Bean: Customer Focused every day

I have high expectations for new businesses. I have an expectation when entering a new store that I’ll be treated…
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Coffee Bean: Readying for a Starbucks Fight

I love to see new brick and mortar businesses start. I get a charge out of seeing businesses do their…
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Dear Turner Field: Turn off the front row TV

Fall’s whispers were present that night. Summer’s heat was fading, ushering in a welcome crisp, chill to the air. It…
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