Operational Excellence Meets Forward-Thinking Strategy

Operations is the day-to-day. The ebb and flow of new customers. A refinement of processes that may glean increased efficiencies…
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Guard your Attention with your Life

Attention. I walk or run my dog most mornings. In fact, since I became a dog owner a decade ago,…
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Today, You Get Disciplined

Through routine, we find discipline. Through discipline, we find conviction. Through conviction, we find courage. Through courage, we trust ourselves.…
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Future You

Dear Future You

Why didn’t you take more chances? Why didn’t you say what needed to be said? Why didn’t you spend more…
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Slow Down

Since when did life get so busy? Or are we creating the unnecessary busy? We race here, run there, sometimes…
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Create your MJ Moment

When Michael Jordan was in his prime, it was magical to watch him dominate a game. Defenders would try and…
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Work like a dog today

Our dog, Ruby is a special girl. Every morning, I rise before the sun, and jog along the streets of…
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