It’s Time to Stop Blaming Low Performance on Digital Fatigue

Digital fatigue. Digital apathy. The Digital blahs. I’ve read countless prognosticators blaming this mystery ailment for their digital training or…
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My Daily Retrospective

At the end of your day, what’s flowing through your mind? Are you reflecting on all the wonderful things you’ve…
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The Journey of a Team

Apprehension. Confusion. Doubt. A glimmer of hope. Progress. Encouragement. A setback. Learning. Lessons. Unity. Transformation. One. Team. Clarity. Growth. A…
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When your team grows, check your attitude – Part 2

In Part 1, we shadowed Bill as he struggled with the expansion of his marketing team. Two new hires joined…
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Get to Know ‘Between the Cracks’ Learning

As a child, it seemed I learned continually. In math class, we figured out what time each train would arrive…
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