Product Management and Sports Broadcasting: Connecting two distant worlds

If I pause and reflect on the experiences that have shaped where I am today, it can be very inspiring.…
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The Answer is ALWAYS Outside the Building

“My opinion is informed.” “I’ve ‘been there, done that’.” “I know exactly what the market needs.”  “Just listen to me…
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The 2 Activities That Should Sit at the Top of Every B2B Marketer’s To Do List

It isn’t easy being a B2B marketer. From the outside, it might appear as if you’ve a wealth of tactics…
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Run a product or business? Do your best work when no one’s watching

If you’ve a product to sell or market, your fate is usually not decided in a team meeting or based…
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Product Managers: Get Used To Good Enough

I’ve been a Product Manager (by role or by title) off and on for the last 20 years. In all…
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Are you ready for your most important go-to-market strategy?

I remember that nervous, yet exciting first drive home from the hospital with our tiny, precious daughter. Every turn was…
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