Jack Welch’s Winning — Part II

I wanted to follow up with Part II of Jack Welch’s Five Points to Winning from his stellar book titled, “Winning”.

There are so many of these tips, tricks, and pointers that you could easily go overboard with the leadership jargon. I find that I take a few learnings from each text that I read whether it’s John Maxwell, Ken Blanchard, or Jack Welch. You need to be a sponge for this stuff….

Now Key #4: Mentor: You need to actively find ‘mentors/connectors’ both inside and outside your company. You should always be looking for your next position either if you think it should be within or without your current company. When an opportunity arises, you’ll be top of mind because you made the effort to get to know that person on a personal and professional level. I have numerous mentors in my career who’ve advised me about promotions, job chanegs, interviewing, asking for a raise, you name it… It is sometimes difficult to push out of that comfort zone, but get out there and do it.

Key #5: Be Enthusiastic and High-Energy: I have no doubt that your boss would rather than someone in his/her company that is high-energy, positive, and takes a glass half-full mentality vs. the alternative. Yeah, we know that guy or gal that has gone overboard with the smiles, laughs, and suck ups to the boss. But isn’t that person in a solid position at your company? More than likely the answer is yes!!!

Take on all challenges. Ask for more assignments. Connect with others. Embody a can-do attitude each and every day. Say to yourself: “I am in a great place. I will succeed in this role.” Before you know it, you will find yourself smiling more, striving more, and flourishing in your current role. I guarantee it.

I hope you pick up Jack Welch’s Winning from your local bookstore, online retailer, or public library.

Until next time,
Dan Naden
Naden’s Corner

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