How NOT to get your house sold

I was walking through our neighborhood the other day and saw a ‘For Sale’ sign in front of a house a few blocks away. This is nothing out of the ordinary as houses pop up for sale all of the time.

I was shocked, however, by the realtor signage that was ‘supposedly’ designed to draw in interested buyers.

The sign featured three different numbers (one listed twice) on the 2×4 foot sign.

It looked like this:
For Sale:
Call xxx-xxx-xxxx for hot facts on this home.

Sizzling Home Agency
Sally Jones

Sizzling Homes

Sally Jones

If the goal is to get me to remember a phone number as I drive by, or stop and write a phone number down, I think this home has failed on all counts.

Why not just focus on one number and diminish the noise? Not only did the above sign provide ‘way’ too much information for a small sign, but it did nothing to distinguish the ‘most important’ phone number.

The goal is to convert browser to buyers for this property. Make it as easy (and straightforward) as possible to get an interested consumer in touch about this property.
One phone number is preferable.

Until next time,

Dan Naden

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