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Wells Fargo helps give me back some of my day

Something happened on the way to the Wells Fargo ATM the other day. My ATM got smarter.

I would imagine most people withdraw the same amount of cash from their account on a somewhat regular basis. Whatever the amount ($50, $100, $150), you mindlessly move through the prompts until you have cash in hand.

The other day, however, I was frozen in my tracks at the ATM. No, Pamela Anderson didn’t drive by the bank; the user experience remembered me!! I was routinely clicking through the screens (PIN, account type, amount to withdraw, etc.) when I noticed a ‘recent withdrawals’ area on the left-hand portion of the screen.

There, conveniently within reach, was a list of the five most frequent transactions that I’ve made over the near future. They have essentially trimmed 6 clicks on the monitor down to 3.

After logging into with my PIN, I choose one of the ‘frequently used options’, click confirm and my cash is in hand.
Compare this to the old scenario:
–Log in
–Choose withdrawal/deposit
–Choose account
–Choose amount
–Cash in hand

In today’s busy world, it is refreshing to see a company like Wells Fargo using technology to save time and make our lives easier. Those saved seconds add up to minutes and hours over a long period of time. Switching from Wells Fargo to another bank just got much tougher now.

Until next time,

Dan Naden
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