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What we learned from the World Cup

Did you watch the World Cup?

It’s an amazing spectacle unlike any other sporting event. ‘National’ teams qualify and train years in advance of the actual World Cup tournament. Keepers make acrobatic, sprawling saves; forwards make creative runs through space; and midfielders dazzle us with their wizard-like ball control. And then it’s over?

The vulvuzelas are silenced; the flags no longer wave at stadiums throughout South Africa; and, outside of Spain, teams wonder ‘what if?’ and ‘how can we get better?’

I was riveted throughout the entire tournament. Despite the US’ ‘relatively’ early exit from the proceedings, I watched with rapt attention until one team remained.

The crowning moment of the World Cup was succinctly and beautifully captured in this wonderful picture of contrasts. (Courtesy of the Wall Street Journal)

Andres Iniesta (blue shirt) celebrates his dramatic, decisive goal in the waning moments of the match. Gregory Van Der Wiel, a solid defender for the aggressive Dutch, looks for a place to hide (literally). Despite the fact that a few minutes remained in the match, the Dutch knew their fate was sealed. The climb to equalize with just minutes remaining was too steep. Spain knew that they were now World Champions.

The lesson:
The Dutch trained and competed relentlessly, but got second place. You’ll sometimes work strenuously on a project, or with a partner, and then fail to meet expectations. You’ll do all that you can to win a client’s business, yet the client chooses a competitor’s offer. Will the Dutch be discouraged and not enter any more competitions? No. They’ll fight courageously to raise their arms in triumph like Iniesta.

Tomorrow IS another day. There’s ALWAYS another chance to impress, dazzle, and convince a customer that you can solve their problems. Never give up. The Netherlands will be back soon with a fury on the international stage. You need to be back now.

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