Go Finish Something Before you Start the Next

Stop starting. Start finishing. It’s easy to crack an egg on the griddle, but how about making a deliciously world-class Grecian Omelette, oozing with veggies, goat cheese and succulent spices.

A door in our mind is left open when we start something, yet leave it woefully unfinished. Until that ‘beginning’ is finished, you’ve cluttered your mind with another TO DO. Subconsciously, beneath the surface, you think you’ve failed again. But failure’s alright – pull up a chair and get to know failure because through failure you grow like a sunflower in the searing Texas sun.

Failure and I have shared a slow dance, tango, foxtrot, disco, and whatever the youngsters are doing on the dance floor these days. We’ve even passed out on the couch together from exhaustion. Failure ain’t for the weak of heart, but it’s a necessary step to take as we figure out how to fill our days with triumphs.

Today, you finish something.

Until next time,


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