The 4 Keys to Unlocking Your Value: Part 3 – Courage

Courage. Sheila stood up in front of a room full of strangers to deliver a message that resonated with everyone…
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How to Get Ahead with a Little Encouragement

As the college-age swimmers pushed and glided effortlessly across the pool, the crowd watched in awe at the incredible athletic…
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Lessons Learned from US Soccer’s Strong Leadership

Leadership is toughest when everyone’s against you. When times are challenging, and the naysayers get vocal, this is when you…
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Making sense of the urge to belong

When I was young, I tried to fit into the crowd. I was ultra-concerned about what everyone else would think.…
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Keep your attitude in check

I get way too many e-mail newsletters. I rarely get time to read them all, but I do make time…
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