The 4 Keys to Unlocking Your Value: Part 3 – Courage


Sheila stood up in front of a room full of strangers to deliver a message that resonated with everyone in attendance. It was a tough crowd, like most they fled reality often by diving into their smartphones, but Sheila saw more and more eyes riveted on their phones as the presentation continued.

She could have easily lost focus.

“No one’s paying attention to me. Why bother with this unimportant message?”

When confronting something 'new', make your default response be rooted in courage.
When confronting something ‘new’, make your default response be rooted in courage.

Pushing through, however, meant being courageous where many before her had tanked the presentation, or, even worse, walked off the stage, defeated, deflated, and dejected. Courage is staying and delivering when the situation appears bleak.  

John moved to a new city for a new job. He knew no one. Everything about the city was foreign, intimidating, different, “The people in this city just aren’t friendly,” he thought. “Maybe this is all a big mistake.”

But then it dawned on him – am I really trying to get to know this city and its people? He began to notice opportunities to get involved in the city’s rhythms. When he first moved to this new city, he spent his nights and weekends watching Netflix or playing Xbox — hardly the social activities that would connect him with others.

Now, he courageously joins clubs, attends Meetups and socializes with work colleagues after work hours. The city is now alive and full of promise. And he’s sure he made the right choice. This is courage to face a new reality.  

Are you courageous? Courage doesn’t need to be climbing Mt. Everest or walking across hot coals. It’s often smashing the status quo, fleeing from the familiar routine with enthusiasm. Tomorrow’s too late to be courageous. Do it now.

Until next time,

Dan Naden

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