The 4 Keys to Unlocking Your Value – Part 4 – Persistence

What is persistence?

What makes one man withstand nearly insurmountable odds and prevail while another man shrinks from the challenge like a coward?

It’s easy to give up when the waters are rough. The transformational leaders, however, see the struggle as an opportunity to grow, stretch, improve.

As a goalkeeper, I didn’t just learn how to save shots from the opposing team and distribute the ball to trigger a counterattack – core skills essential for high-quality goalkeeping. More importantly, I learned how to lead – persistently lead.

When your team is trailing 2-0, and the other team has controlled possession, it’s easy to shrink into a pattern of defeat – we will never get the ball; we will never win; we aren’t good enough to compete at this level; the other team is just too good.

When others tire or get distracted, stay persistent and you will differentiate as a leader.

Like it or not, your teammates are looking to you — the goalkeeper – for leadership. Your communication – both verbal and nonverbal is being observed by the entire 11 (from the sweeper to the center forward). Don’t shrink from leadership; show that you are persistently working to get better – no matter the score.

Persistently communicate authoritatively to organize your defense, stay strong, positive and confident in your body language and push your teammates to fight hard until the final whistle.

Show up. Be present and persistent and roll up your sleeves when the challenges are great.

You don’t need permission to master persistence – just go do it.

Until next time,
Dan Naden

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