Dan Naden

Everything, Available Now

We stare at screens Taking in some far-off dream The fingers at a dizzying pace, fuel the ever-quickening race Attention…
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Use Metaphors to Make it Stick

We all know that we live in a constantly-changing workplace.Your job description may vary from week-to-week and from quarter-to-quarter.You may…
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What Michael Dell and Lance Armstrong can teach us about change

We marvel at the accomplishments of the finest ‘doers’ of our time. How about Lance Armstrong’s miraculous recovery from cancer…
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How to Change Behavior

People don’t change because they are too busy. Change is difficult for most people. Whether it be changing a behavior…
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Your life will continue even if Starbucks is out of Cranberry muffins

Change.It’s a scary word. It’s a downright nasty word. But does it have to be? We all have had to…
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