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Use Metaphors to Make it Stick

We all know that we live in a constantly-changing workplace.
Your job description may vary from week-to-week and from quarter-to-quarter.
You may have one boss today and another boss next month.
Your market’s ‘sweet-spot’ may morph and change within a moment’s notice.

It is expected that you deal and adapt with the changing environment, or you will flounder.

I wanted to direct everyone to a great article on dealing with job survival in today’s changing times.

The stellar part of this article is not just the content, but the approach that the author takes in using the ‘whitewater’ image in describing today’s chaotic times. I believe this metaphor is on target for today’s professional. Dealing with change and uncertainty will truly separate achievement from mediocrity. You can’t constantly fight the current (company reorganization, new boss, new assignments); you must look for the opportunity within all of the tumult.

Tell your story using metaphors to really make an impression and cause your message to stick with your audience. And don’t sweat change; there’s more of it coming.

Job Survival Advice: Don’t Fear the Whitewater

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