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Non-verbal communication: Use it to your advantage

Talk, talk, talk; all we do is talk, talk.

It is a treasure these days to engage with a true listener. Someone who is really listening and absorbing what you are saying. Not only are you able to truly connect with the person with whom you are speaking, but you’ll retain and remember more of what was actually said.

There’s another hidden bonus. If you listen well, you are also able to spot key non-verbal clues.

Here’s the first of 3 helpful hints to improve your non-verbal communication skills:

Eye contact:
Despite today’s hectic pace, it is essential that you keep eye contact with all of those with whom you are communicating. Nothing communicates trust, warmth, honesty, and interest more than eye contact.

Don’t go overboard. Eye contact should be consistent, yet you should not burn holes in the other person’s eye sockets. Make it natural. You will find that you are able to retain more of what is being communicating when you actually look at the person.

Conversely, if you find the other person not looking at you while you are speaking, consider a change in venue to remove the obvious distractions. Should you have this conversation in a conference room vs. a crowded hallway?

Maybe the person has many other topics on his or her mind. Politely ask the person if there is a better time to have a short conversation. The person will respect you for thinking of them and they’ll probably give you extra attention when the time comes for that special conversation.

Stay tuned for two more important non-verbal communication tips. Tell a friend about Naden’s Corner. When you do talk with them, please look them in the eye.

Until next time,

Dan Naden

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