Show them you care through your posture

Ok, so you’ve fully digested non-verbal communication step #1, eye contact. Now, it is time for #2.


When talking to a group (whether in a small or large setting), it is essential that you ‘own’ the stage.

Much of this ‘ownership’ emanates from your ability to non-verbally communicate confidence, poise, and transparency.

Watch the great speakers and you’ll see no fear, doubt, and a posture that magnetizes. The shoulders are back, the body is relaxed, and there’s a slight lean towards the audience – the exact group you are trying to influence, persuade, or inform.

These learnings don’t just have to be put in place for large group presentations. In small one-on-one (seated) meetings, follow this posture prescription:

1. Don’t slump in your chair. It makes you look tired, disinterested, and unprofessional.
2. Uncross your arms and legs to communicate an open, connected message.
3. Keep your body facing the person(s) to whom you are speaking. Slightly turning your body away from the audience tells them that you aren’t important and you’ve rather be doing something else.

Owning the stage and sending off the right non-verbal message through your posture takes practice, yet its mastery will help you build better relationships, and tell a more convincing message.

Want more? Non-verbal tip #3 is right around the corner.

Until next time,

Dan Naden

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