Dan Naden

Why Not Dig a Hole For Your Soul?

The waves crashed melodiously, relentlessly on the beach. Time’s ceaseless, forward push seemed to whisper: “Our days are numbered, but…

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Fishing’s got me hook, line, and sinker.

I reached back and threw the baited hook into the distance like a Nolan Ryan fastball. The fishing line fell…

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@Disney: 3 ways to turn your wait in line into a world of wonderment

Waiting in line for something thrilling is sometimes difficult. Your mind races with excitement in anticipation of what’s next. The…

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My 3 Most Memorable Halloween Costumes

Let’s take a departure from our normal ‘Naden’s Corner’ content. We’ll be back with our regularly-scheduled programming next week. It’s…

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Dear Roger Goodell: you’ve some pint-sized fans

When we sit down to watch a little weekend gridiron action, my daughter politely asks, “What team are we cheering…

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Make an Effort — Personal

It pays to make an effort.We can easily walk in a daze throughout life. We never stop to realize, “You…

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