Why Not Dig a Hole For Your Soul?

The waves crashed melodiously, relentlessly on the beach. Time’s ceaseless, forward push seemed to whisper: “Our days are numbered, but everything will be fine.” Watching waves lap a beach has a calming, numbing effort on even the most stubborn of stresses, worries.

The brown pelicans soared watchful above the ocean blue, looking for fish. Their plummeting dives were direct, forceful, swift; hunger leaves nothing to chance.

Beach vacationers forgot their cares on the brilliant, soft, silky Florida Gulf Coast sand.

Two teenage boys flung a bright red Frisbee against the southerly breezes.

Pelicans have soul-strengthening powers.
Pelicans have soul-strengthening powers.

A fit middle-aged man grimaced as he ran the beach shore, expertly avoiding the gleeful throngs of sunbathers. Sweat beads collected on his forehead.

As my son and I settled in for a day at the beach, we weighed our delectable selections:

  1. Swim
  2. Go for a walk
  3. Snorkel
  4. Rest on the beach chair
  5. Dig and build a sandcastle

It wasn’t the predictable choice, yet it was an easy one: dig and build a sandcastle.

The sand moved effortlessly on this particular afternoon. My son and I seemed to know what we were building without saying a word or sharing a plan. He’d cover the fort, while I built the castle.

As the castle walls reached upward, the fort’s exterior began to take shape. This fortress could withstand even the mightiest waves.

There was no toil or struggle or strife in shaping and moving sand to our liking. This was a creation that was teamwork.

Get any from your desk, computer, stuff and spend some time with your son and your soul today. It will make a difference today, tomorrow, forever.

Until next time,

Dan Naden

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