Dan Naden

Want an additive with that? HEB Adds Additech’s Fuel Service to its Gas Pumps.

I make it part of my weekly routine to fill up the ol’ Ford at the HEB. I stock up…
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@HEB: Punching a PIN becomes punitive

I find POS (Point of Sale) fascinating. It’s the moment of truth. The shopper has purposefully, or sometimes mindlessly, selected…
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Randall’s brings reason to a 3-ring grocery shopping circus

Have you seen this before? The scene is your local grocer. Mom or Dad scrambles for the groceries while their…
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What my gas receipt will NEVER tell me

I get inspired at gas pumps. Yes, I’ll admit it; it’s a bit ‘different’. During one gas pump brainstorm, I conceived of a better way to get consumers to pay off credit card debt. It’s not something that the credit card companies will sign up for tomorrow, but it’s a lesson we should all know.
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My Grocery Cart Needs a Search Engine

It was an early weekend morning. Most people were still asleep. I had plenty to do on this particular weekend…
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