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My Grocery Cart Needs a Search Engine

It was an early weekend morning. Most people were still asleep. I had plenty to do on this particular weekend morning, so I rose exceptionally early to do some grocery shopping at the HEB. (Yes, I am an early riser.)

As I was glancing around the aisles for some olives, it struck me:
Wouldn’t it be great if your grocery cart had a search engine complete with GPS device?
Or a way to integrate the Web with your shopping experience?

Think of this scenario:
You have your full grocery list ready to go. You are ready to race through the local HEB with the ferocity of Dale Earnhardt at the Daytona 500. Instead of losing precious time by not knowing where the dinner rolls or exotic vinegar is located, wouldn’t it be great to be able to search for a particular item on your cart’s console? Or possibly upload your list before your visit and have a map service all ready to go to with your ‘route’ planned out for you?

The map layout (with each item marked) could be right there in front of you on your cart.
You could input your list before the grocery store visit and get a printable version to bring with you to the store. Think of the time savings!!
Only your HEB will know if it is better to get the bread and then the beer, or should you get the beer after the paper towels?

Yes, this may crimp some profits from grocery store impulse buying, but think of the benefits on a convenience, or ease of use area. There would also be a change in process around the carts. (They can no longer be thrown around in the parking lot like bumper cars because they essentially have computers now.)

I am hoping one groggy weekend morning I look down at my HEB cart and see some technology that generates excitement. Now that’s something to get me up in the morning!!

Until next time,

Dan Naden
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