Dan Naden

The Journey of a Team

Apprehension. Confusion. Doubt. A glimmer of hope. Progress. Encouragement. A setback. Learning. Lessons. Unity. Transformation. One. Team. Clarity. Growth. A…
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5 ways to put your yellow pages to good use

A strange present arrived on our doorstep a recent afternoon. It was bathed in yellow cellophane; as if the world’s…
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Apple’s best advertisers are its customers

I have a confession to make: I don’t own an iPhone. Go ahead call me an anomaly. I own a…
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I had a tense time yesterday with the fax machine

I don’t like fax machines. In fact, I feel awkward interacting with these sometimes bulky behemoths; the fax machine at…
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I Almost Missed my Flight Because of an Accenture Ad

What do you do at an airport while waiting for your flight? Many glance groggily into their iPhone or Blackberry.…
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My Grocery Cart Needs a Search Engine

It was an early weekend morning. Most people were still asleep. I had plenty to do on this particular weekend…
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My Favorite Web sites

I spend plenty of time online. My entire professional career has been spent working with Web sites, Web site technologies,…
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