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Masters Winner Teaches Us Valuable Lessons

I know. Golf on TV is stale, boring, and at times frighteningly dull.

For moments on Sunday, however, the game of golf brought us emotion at its peak.

The world watched as Tiger Woods in his typical Sunday red shirt tried to bear down on the competition to snare his fifth green jacket at the Masters.

Tiger’s putter failed him on Sunday. He had numerous opportunities to make it a nail-biter. The seemingly invincible Superman appeared vulnerable, even indecisive. Am I actually seeing an unsure Tiger? Remember – he still finished in 2nd. (He is still lurking golf world.)

The spotlight shone on a relatively unknown (at least here in the States) golfer by the name of Trevor Immelman (can you believe his site is under construction?). Immelman grew up a golf prodigy in South Africa. His parents knew his gift was with putter, iron, and driver from a very early age. They sacrificed, took out extra mortgages, and flew him across the world to help him pursue his passion.

Was it worth it?


His entire family had to get chills as they watched him get comfy in his new green jacket. The golfer who had success internationally had now arrived with a vengeance on American soil. Trust me: this won’t be the last time we see Trevor win a big tournament.

Mr. Immelman taught us much during his stretch run to win the Masters:

1. Stay focused: Golf’s one shot at a time mentality is easier said than done. In personal or professional life, it is essential that we stay grounded in the present.

2. You are in control: Trevor did not let Tiger’s looming presence affect his game. When many of golf’s finest (Furyk, Els, Goosen) stumbled, Immelman soared.

3. Align with a team: You can’t do it solo. We all know the power of a team in business, home, or any endeavor. Trevor Immelman had a golf legend and fellow countrymen Gary Player on his side on Sunday. It was rumored that Player called Trevor on Saturday night with some tips for putting on Augusta’s slick green.

Golf may not have the thrills and spills of Nascar or the newly-found magnetism of Ultimate Fighting, yet there’s something grippingly serene about watching the artistry of an elite golfer like Immelman carefully strike a golf ball careen down a finely-manicured fairway.

Until next time.

Dan Naden
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