How NOT to follow up with your trade show leads

I’ve been to enough conference/events/trade shows over the past few years to see all the tactics that vendors use to…
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The secret to a more tranquil airport

Juan Alvarado please report to the check-in desk. Attention: For your safety, please keep your bags next to you at…
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Play a game of Hide and Go Seek with your customers

Ready or not here I come. The moment this phrase is written or heard, you know its context: Hide and…
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What can you learn by listening at Starbucks?

You can learn plenty by eavesdropping at Starbucks. I am not conspicuously listening, yet I’ll ‘hear things’ as I read…
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Are you going Strawberry Shortcake on your customers?

Target is often my ‘home away from home’. There are weeks where my family visits the store ‘at least’ 3…
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Made to Stick: Read it and be changed

A single businessman sits alone in a hotel bar when a beautiful woman approaches and offers him a drink. The…
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