Are you going Strawberry Shortcake on your customers?

Target is often my ‘home away from home’. There are weeks where my family visits the store ‘at least’ 3 times. I am extremely familiar with the store’s layout – no compass or map needed. My son knows exactly where the toy section is from the moment Target’s doors spring open.

Extra Gum, Dessert Delights
I guess the research shows that people want dessert ALL the time.

Being a marketing ‘guy’, I love the fact that the displayed products change frequently at Target. Over time, I enjoy seeing some products gain more shelf space while others go dormant. Trends ebb and flow with relative ease. As Valentine’s Day approaches, red and pink, and sweet and chocolate are highlighted.

I am not a big ‘candy’ guy, except for the yearly Halloween or Easter binge. My only sporadic venture down Target’s candy aisle is to pick up some gum.

During a recent a Target stop, I stopped in my tracks when confronted with these two flavors of Extra’s gum packs:

  • Mint Chocolate Chip
  • Strawberry Shortcake

I wasn’t seeking these ‘exotic’ flavors (the straightforward Spearmint suits my taste), but I did stop and consider: “I wonder how Strawberry Shortcake gum tastes. Is it just awfully disgusting or delightfully blissful?”

I wasn’t compelled to buy this new item, but I did think about it. Who knows? My next visit may find me ‘crazily’ buying this new item from Extra’s ‘Dessert Delights’ gum line.

mint chocolate chip, Dessert Delights, Extra
Mint Chocolate Chip isn't just for ice cream anymore.

When was the last time you stopped your customers in their tracks? Are you only delivering the basic needs? Or are you delivering something that may surprise or shock? Extra’s Mint Chocolate Chip got me thinking and writing. What is your company doing to stand out from your peers? Be bold. Take chances.

Dear Wrigley’s: I think Crème Brulee and Bananas Foster gum would raise eyebrows.

Until next time,

Dan Naden

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