Dan Naden

eBook: How Do Brands Win Business

Friends, Product marketers, business owners, customer service reps, product managers, marketers: It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to publish…
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No one waits by the mailbox anymore

No one waits by the mailbox anymore. Waiting by the mailbox is a lost activity. Convenience and immediacy rule the…
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Cirque de Soleil: Emotional rides given daily.

Breathless. Awe-inspiring. Captivating. Amazing. Remarkable. The adjectives can’t adequately describe the experience of Cirque De Soleil. This company has been…
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Why create a billboard that can’t be read?

Would a teacher write on a whiteboard with letters that are too small for his children to read? During a…
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Blackberry’s customer service misfortunes

With my flight hours away, and my departure gate in sight, I decided to move off the main pathway of…
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What One Restaurant Did to Guarantee Repeat Business

A typical day becomes extraordinary when a SURPRISE appears. For restaurants, surprises are repeat business. If you can get someone…
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Tell a good story and you’ve got a customer for life

I have plenty of fun doing nighttime baths with the kids. In kids’ bathtubs, animals, boats, floating books take up…
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A manual or no manual; that is the question

My parents jumped into this techie world with both feet. They purchased a slick, responsive Droid phone. I had a…
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The Simplest Toy Instructions Ever

I am all about simplicity. Simplicity in form AND function. Simplicity that’s profound is even more captivating. This simplicity is…
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Small Changes Yield Big Results

I work with Web sites for a living. I’ve done this all of my career and I’ve noticed one truism…
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