Dan Naden

The Journey of a Team

Apprehension. Confusion. Doubt. A glimmer of hope. Progress. Encouragement. A setback. Learning. Lessons. Unity. Transformation. One. Team. Clarity. Growth. A…
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Taking a survey at 30,000 feet with Delta Airlines

30,000 feet above the ground. The air is thin. Sinuses are congested. Time sometimes drags. I’ve read a book, written…
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It’s the people that count

I’ve been around more product launches/refreshes/reworks than I can remember. Each experience introduces its own unique pitfalls and opportunities. Throughout…
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A missed opportunity for airports

Is there an opportunity to create a ‘real-time/face-to-face’ network within airports? Connecting with associates and friends over LinkedIn or Facebook…
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Video: Building community is an emotional event

Take just over 2 minutes and learn why we are all seeking community. You frequent and are drawn to places…
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David Brooks – Make a point; tell a story

I had the fortunate opportunity to the 1990 World Champion of Speaking, David Brooks speak last week and was impressed…
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