It’s the people that count

I’ve been around more product launches/refreshes/reworks than I can remember. Each experience introduces its own unique pitfalls and opportunities.

Throughout all of these episodes, the one thing that stands tall above all else: the people. I can’t remember much regarding a scintillating piece of collateral or glitzy Flash Web site intro. My memory fades when I think back to professional-sounding demos or tight copy on an e-mail delivery to subscribers.

No matter the size of team or difficulty of the task, don't forget those two important words.

I do, however, remember Anthony. Anthony communicated every step of the way and produced designs and layouts that weren’t about his ego; they were centered on solving the problems for our customers. Amidst the stressful frenzy of a re-launch, his presence was comforting.

There’s also Dave. Dave settled the development teams when the entire production was nearly ‘off the rails’. If it weren’t for Dave’s ‘everything will be fine’ calmness, the development team would have halted production or our soon-to-be released product would have been a disaster.

Here’s to the great people that make releases, re-launches, re-works happen. People want and need to be appreciated, especially when schedules are tight, sleep is optional, nerves taut. Take the extra time and say: thank you.

Until next time,

Dan Naden

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