4th of July: It’s got it all

The 4thof July has always been one of my favorite holidays.

The trumpets sound loud and true for parades.

The day’s pace slows (at least for adults), although the children seem to be pushing into overdrive. They celebrate the height of summer, realizing the many weeks that yawn between them and the start of structure and school: summer’s wide abyss uninterrupted.

BBQ wafts through the neighborhood. American flags appear on many doorsteps. We pause to reflect on the great country that provides us with so many blessings.

Most years (not this one because of the exceptional drought conditions), the youngsters beg for the stars to replace the sun, signaling fireworks time.

It’s now been a few weeks ago, yet the 4th of July community parade always leads my list of 4th of July activities.

Families congregate on Main Streets across this land to applaud firefighters, police officers, military and other service professionals. Children stretch, stumble and fall for candy treats thrown from Corvettes, Mustangs, Mini-Coopers, floats. Local politicians put on a smiling face for the upcoming election season.

It’s too long until the next 4th of July parade; how about starting a New Year’s Day parade in local neighborhoods (weather permitting)? Instead of jumping for candy, adults and children would lunge (and possibly slide) for hot cocoa.

Until next time,

Dan Naden

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