Slow down

See Bob tweet, flickr, stumble, ping, bumble, snap, like, check-in, lurk.

See Bob frantic, frenzied, stressed, overloaded, overburdened as he tries to keep up.

Slow and steady STILL wins the race.

See Bob’s effectiveness plummet as he tries to do ‘everything’ and accomplishes ‘nothing’.

Our digital activities sometimes remind me of a bee buzzing around a hive. The bee’s aware of a task to do, yet he flies around the edges, missing the focal point.

Make a focused effort to do a few things exceptionally well. You can’t do it all today, tomorrow, or ever.

It’s alright to be ‘Bob’ and be a digital networker/connector, but don’t let ‘activity’ replace ‘results’.

Know what you are measuring, accomplishing, not what noise you create.

Until next time,

Dan Naden

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