Technology Companies: Don’t Neglect the Senior Market

It’s true that Amazon, Apple, and Google have introduced products over the past 5 years that are simple, intuitive, elegant,…
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Microsoft: Windows 8 and Surface make a bold, brave statement

The last thing I want to do when I am readying to board a plane is getting sold on something.…
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No one waits by the mailbox anymore

No one waits by the mailbox anymore. Waiting by the mailbox is a lost activity. Convenience and immediacy rule the…
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The American life: dealing with forks in the road

You aren’t living anywhere if you aren’t making choices every day. Honestly, I am thankful that we have choices; many…
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When the audience wants to text, how do you get them to listen?

As the communicator connected with the audience, every single person in the audience perched on the edge of her seat.…
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Everything, Available Now

We stare at screens Taking in some far-off dream The fingers at a dizzying pace, fuel the ever-quickening race Attention…
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Slow down

See Bob tweet, flickr, stumble, ping, bumble, snap, like, check-in, lurk. See Bob frantic, frenzied, stressed, overloaded, overburdened as he…
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