Microsoft: Windows 8 and Surface make a bold, brave statement

The last thing I want to do when I am readying to board a plane is getting sold on something.

  • A widget.
  • A diamond jade elephant.
  • A snuggie.

My ears are closed, and my mind’s blank.

But technology?  That’s a whole different story.

Now you have an active, interested, engaged candidate. I might even miss my flight if the technology looks impressive.

While walking to a recent flight, I noticed a pop-up Microsoft storefront where a gate should have been at Austin Bergstrom’s Interational Airport.

The Windows 'handout' was fun, colorful, intriguing.
The Windows ‘handout’ was fun, colorful, intriguing.

This gate wasn’t hosting a direct flight to HOU or LAX, but a wise technology veteran aiming to sport a new image.

Was it strange to see a vendor like this at an airport? Yes.

Was it brilliant for Microsoft to introduce Windows 8 and the Surface tablet to business travelers? Absolutely.

Friendly, courteous, knowledgeable Microsoft reps were on standby to answer my questions as I approached.

I not only had a chance to test drive new product, but saw first-hand the focus of the Windows ‘brand’ and the secondary ‘brand’ of Microsoft. It wasn’t accidental that Microsoft was playing the Windows card front and center.

Since 1985, Microsoft has been releasing versions of Windows. The once-dominant operating system may have lost its way amidst iPads, iPhones, iMac and Macbooks, yet don’t count this tech bellwether out yet.

Inside: A little text-heavy, but still casual and effective.
Inside: A little text-heavy, but still casual and effective.

Call me old school, but I really like to type on a keyboard, and the Surface satisfies this craving. The colorful, fun-to-use tablet helps me bridge the gap between a fun, entertainment device and a productive machine. I could easily see myself charging through a marketing campaign via the Surface, as well as watching a Netflix movie, or getting crazy on social media.

I’ve long been a Windows user (professionally and personally), but have often looked at the Mac OS with jealous excitement. Mac users seemed to be having so much fun, and there I was, being – well — productive.

Windows 8 may have finally received an invitation to the cool kids’ party. The new operating system looks fresh, fun, colorful, intuitive: characteristics that have long remained elusive to the Redmond, Washington’s most famous company. This splashy product launch is very encouraging for the Windows franchise.

Most likely, you own an Apple device or two in your household. Don’t dismiss Microsoft, however, as yesterday’s technology computer. They are back with a great new line of products and technology – Windows 8 and Surface.

Austinites: Look for the Microsoft gate at ABIA. Careful: you might miss your flight.

Until next time,

Dan Naden

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