Dan Naden

Moms Rejoice: Tylenol Nails the In Store Advertising Experience

When a Mom is empty, tired and spent after a full day of running to work, activities, dinner prep, laundry,…
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Coffee Bean: Customer Focused every day

I have high expectations for new businesses. I have an expectation when entering a new store that I’ll be treated…
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Coffee Bean: Readying for a Starbucks Fight

I love to see new brick and mortar businesses start. I get a charge out of seeing businesses do their…
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Microsoft: Windows 8 and Surface make a bold, brave statement

The last thing I want to do when I am readying to board a plane is getting sold on something.…
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@ Best Buy, it’s the stuff that brings them in….

Since when have we become so ‘accessorized’? Recently, I visited a Best Buy and expected to find wall after wall…
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Learning from Central Market: Sights, sounds and smells that make you spend

Watermelon juice High-quality, corn-fed Angus beef Fluffy, moist Blackberry muffins Hungry? Central Market in Austin, Texas makes shopping a dazzling…
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Give the dog an effectively-marketed bone

A yellow bundle of energy (dog) arrived at our house a few months ago. She’s cuddly, adorable, and sleeps more…
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Yellow: Moving beyond sunshine

Living in Texas is a bright yellow proposition. Over 300 days out of the year, the sun is shining radiantly…
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Whole Foods: The Sights, Sounds, and Scents

I’d love to take this post to tell you about ‘opportunitistic’ businesses. ‘Opportunistic’ businesses are those companies that I think…
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