Whole Foods: The Sights, Sounds, and Scents

I’d love to take this post to tell you about ‘opportunitistic’ businesses. ‘Opportunistic’ businesses are those companies that I think are ripe for some ‘long-term’ gains in the stock market.

Let’s ‘discuss’ this at another time and place. (Note: I do, however, think Whole Foods (WFMI on the NASDAQ) is one of these businesses. They are currently trading at or around $40/share. I would like to point out that their 52-week high is: $66.25. Talk about a discount!!

Whole Foods is top of mind for me on this Father’s Day because of a memorable trip my family and I took yesterday to the headquarters location in Austin, Texas. The store, like all in the Whole Foods family, is a carnival of sight, sound, and smell. Walking into the store is like being the aboard the finest cruise ship in the world. This ship is filled with food, drink and entertainment aplenty. Where do you start?

The show is masterfully designed to encourage browsing. I can hear numerous people oohing and ahhing down each aisle. Want some nuts? They have more peanuts, pecans, walnuts, and cashews than you ever thought existed. I would really like to know the average time per visit of this store vs. your regular HEB superstore. I would have to think people stay in this grocery store twice as long as the typical one.

My favorite: ‘Beer Alley’!! I am a beer drinker and ‘Beer Alley’ hits me like nailing the sweet spot off of the tee on a long Par 5. Sure, they have Bud, Bud Light, Coors, Moosehead and other regular staples. The real thrill is marveling over all the other lesser-known imports and exports from here and aboard. Nevermind the temperature (the alley,which is an enclosed walk-thru closet, is obviously chilled to keep all beers cold). I could pull up a chair and sample the brews in succession. Upon completion of this challenge, someone may have to guide me through the maze of aisles to the exist. It is hard to ‘check out’ or ‘exit’ from this place.

Whole Foods brilliantly saves the best for the end of your journey. The dessert row is heavenly. Chocolates galore. Fruit tarts. Cakes. Candies. Screw the diet until next week. These treats are for the taking. And unlike your HEB, Whole Foods appears to be staffed for demand. If you have a question about which dessert goes well with the luscious salmon you just purchased, you won’t have trouble locating a staffer to finish your meal plans.

So, go ahead look into the Whole Foods business for a long-term stock purchase. I can’t imagine it staying that far-off its 52-week high for much longer. Better yet, fly away for an hour amongst the culinary delights of this wonderful store.

Until next time,

Dan Naden

(Whole Foods logo is property of and copyrighted by Whole Foods (WFMI: Nasdaq)
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