Moms Rejoice: Tylenol Nails the In Store Advertising Experience

When a Mom is empty, tired and spent after a full day of running to work, activities, dinner prep, laundry, she comes down with a nasty case of the flu. She wonders how she can keep it all together. This might be the final straw.

Conveniently, the husband has just left town for a one week business trip, leaving her with the two kids for a full week. 5 days now seem like 5 years.

I can’t ‘really’ relate to Mom’s misery, but I’d imagine it’s a recipe to want to make many a harried, stressed woman pull her hair out in exasperation.

Mom can probably call a friend, nanny, babysitter for assistance while she recovers, but this sometimes makes matters worse. The kids get off-schedule; Mom worries about the quality of care, possibly lengthening her recovery time.

After dropping the children off at school, and before heading back to work, she barely drives to the pharmacy, seeking something, anything to shed her body of her ailments.

Entering the allergy/cold aisle, her eyes watering and blurry, she attempts to survey the myriad options of cold remedies.

As she begins glancing at the overwhelming number of options to choose from, she sees this:

sick days
Calling All Sick Moms: Relief’s on Aisle 4.


She’s immediately drawn into display, picking up the Tylenol package for an investigation – this might be the remedy she so desperately seeks.

I am not a big fan of in-store, pop-up, on-the-shelf advertising, but I understand the companies need to do everything they can to stand out in a noisy, hectic world.

This Mom, who doesn’t have time or interest in researching 25 options of cold relief, would like someone, anyone to tell her the exact option to choose to get her back to feeling better.

Moms with pounding headaches, runny noses, coughing, sneezing, and other assorted miseries would love to lie in bed for days. Family responsibilities, however, don’t stop.

The son needs to get to soccer practice and a Cub Scout meeting even though Mom feels as if she can’t keep down her soup and salad lunch.

The daughter has ballet and then swimming lessons while Mom wonders why her world is spinning.

Her boss wants her to visit the West Coast sales office as preparation for the upcoming sales kickoff meetings.

She can’t go on like this! She needs relief!

Problem: Weary, tired, beaten down Mom wonders how she can keep her life running while she battles a potent virus.

Solution: Tylenol promises instant relief, letting Mom breathe easy that she can still expect to be back in good health in quick order.

Thumbs up to Tylenol for delivering a compelling, on target message to Moms who desperately want an answer to their sickness.

In a world of cluttered messages, all clamoring for our attention, it’s nice to see a company understanding the pain of its target customer: Mom.

Full disclosure: Our household hasn’t used this product, yet its effective advertising may have us considering it a viable option when sickness makes an unwelcome arrival.

Until next time,

Dan Naden


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