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The Big Question: How’s Business Going

I make it a point to pose the following question to an unsuspecting waiter, hostess, cook, or ‘owner-looking’ person at…
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Moms Rejoice: Tylenol Nails the In Store Advertising Experience

When a Mom is empty, tired and spent after a full day of running to work, activities, dinner prep, laundry,…
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If You Aren’t Selling the Why, You Might as Well Not Even Try

You’ve options in today’s world – it doesn’t matter if you are in the market for an oil change, high-end…
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The Question That Will Make Them Choose You

Confused by the abundance of choices? Overwhelmed by selections? How about clearing up the mess in a prospect’s mind by…
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Selling coffee as a dream machine

I am not a big coffee drinker. I used to drink 4 cups a day, but they left me feeling…
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Why create a billboard that can’t be read?

Would a teacher write on a whiteboard with letters that are too small for his children to read? During a…
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Give me a reason to try your www

We’ve been a bit blurred by the ever-presence of dot-coms. Nearly every billboard, advertisement (radio or TV), newspaper, magazine article…
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Believe you can’t get noticed with direct mail? Think again.

Looking across the headlines these days, there are some highly-evident truisms: There’s strife in the Middle East Our elected leaders…
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Does your advertising help us feel the sand and hear the surf?

I was cruising through my day when the advertising arrived. The number of messages that we receive on a daily…
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How much marketing can you do on a 4×6 index card?

Austin real estate agent takes the wrong approach to pitching a home. I believe both the delivery method (cards on windshields) and the execution (155 words jammed on a 4×6 index card) were failures.
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Chevrolet Drops the Marketing Baton

It’s a very important baton that you are holding, Chevy (our attention). Let’s treasure it as if there’s no tomorrow. If you do, you’ll cross the finish line and win the hearts and minds of car buyers everywhere.
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