Does your advertising help us feel the sand and hear the surf?

I was cruising through my day when the advertising arrived.

The number of messages that we receive on a daily basis is staggering. Advertisers scurry and stagger and sometimes succeed in reaching the right people at the right time in the right place.

In your car, the advertisements seem to continually interrupt your favorite song, news story, or talk show host.

In your company’s breakroom, the riveting television talk shows, sporting events or newscasts are always being short changed.

On your computer, you can’t ignore the advertisements in many forms: video, banners, tiles, text, coupons.

Sometimes, advertising does the unthinkable: it freezes you in your tracks.

Sandy beach
Need a break? How about a stroll on the beach?

You are transported from your meeting, phone call, project to a world thousands of miles away.

“An endless stretch of white sand that melts into a vibrant, turquoise sea. A private shopping excursion, followed by afternoon tea. Teeing off from your own private island green. Indulging in an open-air massage as you drift off to the song of the surf.” Four Seasons e-mail sent on Friday, March 4th

Where do I sign? I got on Four Seasons ‘contact list’ recently, and I don’t mind.

Call me an advertiser’s dream, but I look forward to the next Four Seasons delivery knowing it will whisk my busy mind to magical places.

The takeaway:
What are you doing in your advertising to burst through the mundane?

Are you creating indelible images (white sand, turquoise sea, song of the surf..) or you mired in predictability?

When your advertising shows up, will it be instantly ignored or will your customer be transported?

It’s a profitable choice, and it’s yours.

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Until next time,

Dan Naden

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