Using Psychology to Get People to Choose You

There are a few guarantees in the life of marketing.

  1. Most companies shout, yet very few companies listen.
  2. Your customers don’t care who you are; they just want help with a pain or problem.
  3. Psychology is always at play as you decide amongst a myriad of options.

I’ve always been fascinated by how we make decisions. When faced with a selection of potato chips, coffee, insurance policies, golf clubs….what factors into our decision to select one brand?

Sometimes it’s solely price, but more often than not, it’s a series of trade-offs.

Let’s take golf clubs. What will we miss if we don’t choose the new Taylor Made driver, instead opting for Golfsmith’s store-brand version? Is there enough ‘perceived value’ in the lower-priced Golfsmith brand to offset the potential buyer’s remorse of not swinging the stick like long-bomber and Taylor Made spokesman Dustin Johnson? Is Taylor Made’s product a higher quality that makes the extra expense ‘not a problem’?

Once you recognize a customer need, do anything and everything possible to ‘put yourself in his shoes’. How can his life be made easier, less stressful, and more pleasurable through the use of your product? He may think he wants the cheaper Golfsmith store-brand driver, but can you ‘convince’ him of the fact that his swing, attitude, swagger will rival Dustin Johnson’s with the new Taylor Made driver in his hands? Your head may say ‘go cheaper’, yet your heart, a potentially more powerful enabler, says: ‘I can outdrive my friends and be like Dustin with the Taylor Made’.

Use the ‘right’ psychology to ‘coax’ your customers into your product.

That’s a guarantee that you need to keep.

Until next time,

Dan Naden

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