The Question That Will Make Them Choose You

Confused by the abundance of choices?

Overwhelmed by selections?

How about clearing up the mess in a prospect’s mind by giving a clear, concise, confident answer that will make his/her selection process easier?

A car is a commodity, but it defines who we are.
A car is a commodity, but it defines who we are.

Fill in the blanks for this question: Think of [Add Company Name/Product Name] when you need a fast, reliable automobile or when you need a high-value consulting firm to help your business grow.

Take any category of products and services and you can see how this works.

Let’s try automobiles.

Maybe you are in the market for a mid-sized sedan. You’d love to buy something sporty, but realistically it’s all about keeping the family safe. You would prefer American made, but you know there are many other choices out there that offer great value. You are deluged by TV commercials that feature sporty cars snugging a hairpin turn, a soccer Mom heading off to soccer practice with a backseat full of children, a handsome young man out for a spin in his luxury SUV. Can you see yourself playing one of these roles?

Browsing the Web, you discover enough options to make your head spin.

·        Chevrolet Malibu

·        Toyota Camry

·        Nissan Altima

·        Ford Fusion

·        Honda Accord

·        Volkswagen Passat

You ask a few friends, but these conversations make you even more unsure about a decision. Joe, the friend with the Camry thinks his car is the best ever made. Sally and her Honda will never part.

Wait. What about the Internet? Could this be the clarion call to your automotive needs? After reading reviews, commentaries, blog posts, however, you are about to abandon this whole car purchase thing entirely.

But what if one automotive company stood out from the rest by answering the question: Think of us when ___.


Think of Ford Fusion when you are looking for a sporty, economical, eye-catching ride with some driving spice.


Think of Honda Accord when you want a sensible, smart, reliable ride that’s easy on the wallet in the city or on the highway.

I sometimes think car makers try to get too cute and clever with their messaging. Being up front and direct with their potential customers about when and why they should consider you could be a refreshing and profitable surprise.

And remember, this ‘Think of Us When’ analogy holds amazingly true for personal branding. There’s no better time than right now to start distinguishing yourself in this crowded, competitive job market.

Until next time,

Dan Naden

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