The Question That Will Make Them Choose You

Confused by the abundance of choices? Overwhelmed by selections? How about clearing up the mess in a prospect’s mind by…
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The American life: dealing with forks in the road

You aren’t living anywhere if you aren’t making choices every day. Honestly, I am thankful that we have choices; many…
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Blackberry’s customer service misfortunes

With my flight hours away, and my departure gate in sight, I decided to move off the main pathway of…
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Dell wants us to do more; I vote for less

Standing in the long, plodding security line at the Austin Bergstrom International Airport, I glanced skyward. What else is an…
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Home Depot: Help is all around you

Home Depot is a marvelous place if you are a homeowner or hope to soon become one. You can dream…
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Why We Buy

If you are at all interested in marketing, merchandising, or consumer behavior, I have a book recommendation for you. Don’t…
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